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What to Know About Retractable Awning

retractable awning

Retractable or lateral arm awnings are sound investments that can increase the functionality of an outdoor space and improve the appeal of a commercial establishment. These type of awnings provide versatility in that it gives you control over how much sunlight you would want to come inside your space.

You can have the sun whenever you want it and shade when you need it. Having an extra room constructed in your property can be very costly. Save yourself from added expenses by opting to go for retractable awnings.

As a key player in the Singapore awning industry we provide only the best lateral arm awnings that suit your individual preference and needs. Our products exhibit superior quality that combines both function and style.

Retractable awning basics and what to look for

hand cranking an awningGenerally, there are two basic options for retractable awnings: manual or automatic. A crank is used to open or close the manual type while a motor does automatically using a remote or a small switch. Using such mechanism, the latter is obviously more expensive than the former.

However, the more ideal set up is for this type of awning to have both a motor and a crank. The motor will provide you the ease and convenience of operation while the crank can be a backup in case of a power outage.

Lateral arm awnings are mounted to a solid structure, such as on the wall or on the roof of the house or establishment where at least six inches of unobstructed space is needed. A minimum of seven and a half feet from the ground should be allotted when mounting the unit since these awnings are pitched downward.

The mark of a good unit is that it does not need ground support to hold it up. This is the work of the awning’s retractable lateral arms which keep the fabric taut without any poles or side supports. Make sure the cables in these arms are strong in order to efficiently handle the weight load of the awning.

torsion barThe torsion bar, which is the “backbone” bar of the awning, comes in steel and aluminum. Since this part absorbs the movement and energy or is basically the awning’s shock absorber, the ideal choice would be the steel torsion bar as it can hold more load than aluminum.

Likewise, steel in also the solid choice when it comes to the roller tube where the fabric rolls around when retracted and unrolls when extended. Compared to aluminum, steel roller tubes can hold a wider fabric without using a center support.

As for fabric, available options are acrylic, vinyl, canvas or other water-resistant fabric. However, the best choice for lateral arm awnings is acrylic which are woven specifically for this use. With color embedded in every fiber of the fabric, fading is better resisted.

In addition, they offer more protection from UV radiation owing to its heavy-grade quality. The shielded space as well as the nearby indoor areas becomes cooler since the material is breathable and does not trap heat. This breathable quality, which is the result of its being woven, also increases its resistance to moisture, mold, and mildew.

With proper maintenance and cleaning, acrylic fabrics can last between 8-12 years.

Fabrics for these awnings come in hundreds of colors and patterns that can easily match your space’s décor. In choosing color, it is good to know that dark colors resist 95-98% of UV rays while light color ones give 94-96% protection from these harmful radiation. Light color fabrics work best if energy savings is the main priority but also requires more maintenance as dirt easily show in these colors.

Service and Quality

We maintain the highest standards of quality for our products. When you choose us, we can assure you that you will be enjoying your awning for many years to come. We also ensure that our standards of service equal that of our products. When you make us your supplier of choice we will carefully consider all your requirements, preferences, as well as your budget. Contact us now!

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