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Polycarbonate Awning

awning polycarbonate on wallPolycarbonate awnings have clean sleek lines that project the appearance of glass without being fragile and expensive.

This material is lightweight and versatile but at the same time is extremely tough – virtually indestructible – and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation which makes it a brilliant choice for awnings.

With its modern style and smooth fronts, this kind of awning can be applied to any type of building and outdoor space to give shade and protection to cars, entrances, walkways, driveways, windows, laundry areas, patios, and outside eating areas for restaurants and cafes.

Getting superior shade with a contemporary look need not burn a hole in your pocket. We understand this that is why we offer practical and cost-effective polycarbonate awning that give you value for money without sacrificing quality.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Awning

Choosing this type of fixed awning means going for savings as they are very low in maintenance and can last for many years. Here are some of the benefits you will be getting with a polycarbonate awning:

  1. Unbeatable strength
    As previously mentioned, polycarbonate is virtually indestructible. This is actually used in the construction of bulletproof windows and police shields due to its high impact resistance. This means that even if a large tree branch falls on your awning, the people under it will remain safe and your awning will be damage-free. In addition, polycarbonate has low flammability rate.

  2. hot sun protectionUV protection
    A polycarbonate awning has great optical properties that allow it to let enough sunlight and heat in while blocking damaging ultraviolet rays. Likewise, it works well to diffuse the light that comes into a room so you won’t have to tilt your screen when using your computer in order to find the right angle.

  3. Lightweight
    It is one-third the weight of acrylic and one-sixth the weight of glass. As a result, they are easily transported and installation is simple and less time consuming.

  4. High temperature resistance
    Another good property of a polycarbonate is its high resistance to heat and cold. Being exposed to all types of weather all year long, this is the kind of quality you would want your awning to have. It can last for numerous years without showing any signs of fading, yellowing, or discoloration.

  5. different colorDesign flexibility
    Compared to wood, glass, and metal, polycarbonate is more flexible and so can be cut, measured, and formed to a specified radius to create arched or dome awnings.

    These awnings can come in a range of styles such as flat, pitched, dome, and bullnose. There are also many colors to choose from including clear, opal, bronze, blue, and green.

  6. Longevity
    Expect them to last between 10-15 years.

Trust us with your awning needs

Every home and establishment in Singapore has its own unique specifications that is why we are ready to make a customized shading solution to your needs. There is no space too big or too small that we cannot handle.

We also take pride in providing competitive prices which you can learn more about when you call us for obligation free measure and quote. Contact us today and our friendly staff will gladly talk to you about how we can best meet your requirements.

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